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Side 7 Accounts

// Art Sites //
:Neko Worqs:
:~bara-chan's cyber garden~:
:Raver 247 Productions:
:Yerf - Anya Schwartz:
:Pendako Club:
:Holy Garden:
:The Light Brite Page:
:Mahamari's Elysium:
:Axer Industries:
:Minwa no Junkdrawer:
:Artificial Moon:
:Annas Gallery:
:Mechanical Penguin Ent.:
:the Tower:
:soup suds:
:natural wonders: :sweetyT's home:


Grams Bear Funshine Bear Bedtime Bear Share Bear Bright Heart Raccoon
I have all of these Stuff Animals of the Care Bears.
Thanx Adopt a 1980s Cartoon Cutie! for letting me adopt them.