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My first layout w/ Geocities. The first ever layout for moonrivers fanart. It was very cute I thought w/ nice frames. I love the picture on it till this day, it's so purty; it's a girl talking to a fairy. But geocities sux so I moved it w/ a new layout. This layout dated around 3/1/00-7/1/00

My second layout w/ the server... crosswinds. This was a SLOW loading layout but nice looking. Ren-chan is on the layout. Crosswinds agrivated me so, I moved again This dated around 7/1/00-10/1/00

And my spunky cool neon green layout. Mark © Marlee T... is on this layout, sticking his tongue out at you! Tripod has gotten good approvals in my eyes and in others so I hope this works out. 10/01/00-01/14/01

Version Freckles, my favorite layout so far, it's so clean and cool. 01/14/01-

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