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This is my credits page these are all the people who have helped me

Starting with artists
Naoko Takeuchi(Sailor Moon) of course!, CLAMP(Rayearth, Card Captor, X), Kosuke Fujishima(Oh My Goddess), Jill of NekoWorqs(fanartist), Bara-chan of her cyber garden(fanartist), Any otheranime/manga artists and fanartists.

My grandma Peggy, My mom and dad, my two sisters Allyson and Jen

Sandy for letting me use her scanner all the time ;o), Tim, Fishy_man(Karl), Bryan, Marlee for support, Kate(goober girl) for always saying she's jelous(you can draw), Mark for drawing all the time with me and nagging me, Jon, Erik, Sin for complimenting me, andd a bunch of others who like my art. Thanx :o)

And Fans thanx

I know that my art my compare to others art as the style looking somewhat the same, I'm sorry I'm still trying to find my own style and with that I try other styles. So my art will change alot. But to those people who's art I look at you guys are my role models (sappy!). But thanx for all the help and great art to look at.