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Name: Guinevere
Age: 16
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Bright blue
Clothing: Midevil/Renissaunce?
Likes: Playing w/ Draco
Dislikes: Her brothers, her suitors
Friends: Draco
Attitude: Hates the thought of her dad aranging a marriage for her

Ok, I made up these characters cause, 1.I like the Midevil/Renisaunce times and 2. I had tons of time on my hands. So really no depth to these chars.

Name: Draco(from dragonheart)
Age: Not known
Skin Color: Green
Spikies/belly Color: Purple
Wings Color: Red
Eye Color: Black
Likes: Guinevere, scaring her suitors
Dislikes: Her dad, brothers
Friends: Guinevere
Attitude: Likes to scare people

That's it for now, I haven't gone into depth with my chars...sorry. But if you want to know something email me. arigato!

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