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Name: Freckles, Frecks, Freckys
Age: 16
Hair Color: White, she dyes it all the time
Fur Color: White w/ black spots(she's a dalmation)
Eye Color: Left eye-blue, right eye-brown
Clothing: Bright colors, Tokyo style
Likes: Dancing, musik, Sammy, Aneko, peeps, Jpop, old movies, roller blading, big cities, computers
Dislikes: Peeps who make fun of people, small towns
Friends: Aneko, Sam
Attitude: Sweet, very technical, loves her sweety, loud

She is my dog, Freckles, char based of her.
That's it for now, I haven't gone into depth with my chars...sorry. But if you want to know something email me. arigato!

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