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What I felt like for a while.
My moody © Lau.r.e.n. Moyer

I love this pic, the colors are screwed, his shirt was green-blue...
Julian & Michiko © Lau.r.e.n. Moyer

This is Filodendria my fairy char. Her wings were cut off by the scanner, and they were in her hair, she's bringing back the 80's... knee socks....
Fil © Lau.r.e.n. Moyer

This is a really old picture of myself, i dragged it out and colored it w/ photoshop... getting a little better at this cging thing.

My friend Kate's character, Zaier. Her christmas present ^_^
Zaier © Kate Beefy!

I decided to make a cover for my burned mission impossible 2 soundtrack.
all artists songs © themselves
artwork © Lau.r.e.n. Moyer

Stephy's character.... Lainey(girl), Milo(?), Basil(blond)... forget the other one.
The whole gang © Steph Y.